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Are you ready? Take Action now!
Posted: January 31, 2020 by Susanne Wood

If you are a home, land or ranch owner in the mountains of Colorado, chances are you have concerns when it comes to wildfires raging in our forests. 

Is your property prepared for a wildfire? Climate change has shown us that our forests have become the perfect breeding place for dry parched landscapes. Our weather patterns have shown us extreme drought, accelerated avalanche danger and lower volume rivers, as mankind seeks to connect more with nature. Are you informed about how to handle a wildfire?

The Telluride Fire Protection District is an organization of locals who are expert EMS/Firefighters, many of whom are volunteers. Their mission statement is to protect life, property and the environment by responding to the emergency needs of the community. Support them by being prepared on your property.

The Colorado Association of Realtors is working closely with Colorado Project Wildfire to build awareness of what you can do as a property owner to protect your land, home or ranch. Are you proactively seeking solutions of protection from a wildfire?

The attached brochure is a great place to start understanding how you can ensure you are doing everything to help reduce the chances of home, land or ranch loss. 

What is your personal emergency management system if there is a wildfire near your home?
Take action now!

Colorado Assoc. of Realtors Wildfire Brochure

Local Support within San Miguel County
Telluride Fire Protection District Wildland and Fire Action Guide

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